About Us

Schools for India is embarking on a magnificent infrastructure building plan with the aim of providing the best schools for rural India, with facilities on par or superior to that of city schools for students from rural India.

The high-end infrastructure will act as a catalyst for parents to send their
children to school. Schools for India proposes to sponsor tuition, meals and uniforms to those children who require financial aid. For the underprivileged families and students,who cannot afford education at all Schools for India proposes to provide all the facilities and amenities free of cost.

Schools for India firmly believes that availability of such amenities will ensure quicker admissions, higher school attendance and reduction in migration of students to cities.

Schools for India was started in 2004 and registered as a Non profit
Charitable Trust in India and as Non-Profit organization in USA.

Schools for India is run by a team of professionals who have wide experience in planning and executing large turnkey projects across the globe.

The trust has scores of volunteers, members and mentors who help in ensuring that the project is executed on time.


Schools for India is a non profitable charitable Organisation, involved in creating the best in class schools across India, with the aim of providing education for the people of rural India.


The school buildings will be constructed within 12 weeks from the date of
commencement using latest international building technologies.


6000 schools across the country have been planned. Each of the schools  will
have the capacity to teach 945 students, including up to 15 special children from
Primary to secondary school.