How do we select a School?

Schools for India evaluates schools run by reputed charitable organisations but need support in upgrading the school infrastructure but unable to charge more fees as the students are unable to pay.

Schools for India, signs an MoU with the selected organization and starts the process of identifying the students who deserve to be supported.

How do we select a child for sponsorship?

We select a student based on the following: 

  1. A child who is an orphan
  2. A child who has a single parent 
  3. A child who comes from a broken family 
  4. A child who comes from an economically backward family

Can I choose a particular child from a particular school?

We will give the donor the options to choose a particular school and a child from a given list.

We understand that some donors prefer to sponsor a child or school which is close to their location.

We also encourage donors to support and sponsor more than one child.

About Sponsor a Child Program!


Schools for India is adopting various schools in rural India to provide high quality education and enable better infrastructure. 

We are supporting schools run by charitable organizations who charge very minimal fees.

Most of the students come from marginalized communities and they are not able to pay even the basic tuition fees.

This creates a very difficult situation for the school management in paying teachers’ salaries and maintaining the infrastructure and upgrading class rooms.

As having qualified teachers is the key for providing high quality education, it is imperative that the school provides decent salaries to these teachers.

As fund raising is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, Schools for India has come up with an innovative concept having private individuals sponsor a specific child in a particular school.

The sponsorship shall cover the tuition fees, support specialised faculty, and help in upgrading infrastructure and overall school maintenance.


Those who would like to sponsor a child shall

send an email to with full name, address and mobile phone number,

Schools for India team will contact you to discuss in detail,

Once a particular child has been identified, you will receive an email with the details

You can go through the Donate link in the website for transferring the payment

Once the payment is done successfully, Schools for India will send you the receipt along with the student details

You will also get access to Google drive folder in which all the information will be kept.

How do I Sponsor a Child?

How do I know that the money really goes to that particular child?


The following documentation is provided for each sponsorship.

  1. Parent/Guardian consent letter to the donor for supporting the child
  2. Payment receipt from the School for the money transfer from Schools for India Trust
  3. Payment receipt from Schools for India for the sponsorship amount

Can I get regular updates about the school and the child?




Yes, you can get on-demand information and also once a year school update as well.

Can I avail tax exemption for the donation?



Yes, all donations made to Schools for India Trust are  tax exempt, under section 80G.










Sponsor a Child!